Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Sage Remedy - Cure for a craptastic winter

It sure was a long, hard slog of a winter. Terrible, terrible. I thought it was over but the cold weather is creeping back in. It's just 16 degrees in the archive room today, and they haven't turned the heating on in the library. Budget cuts must be hitting hard. Shame we are currently government-less.

Sage Remedy Top

Ah, low quality phone pics. The top you see here is not complete - in fact it is just the front tucked into my bra straps. But, BUT! I still think it shows off how lovely the top is. I knit it in Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in a lovely sort of sea green colour. It's my first time knitting with cotton (well, a cotton mix) and I was impressed. It felt weighty and sturdy, it wasn't splitty, and the finished fabric has a lovely drape. It's got lovely lace sections on the front and the back and is very flattering. Would knit again - possibly in an alpaca mix with longer sleeves for a floaty winter top?

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