Monday, 23 August 2010

Time keeps on slippin'

(The set list for Rock Band 3 leaked - it's gonna have Fly Like An Eagle on it, along with some other super super brilliant tracks. I loves me some Steve Miller Band, I can't even tell you.)

August is a deadly busy month. My next (huge, HUGE) assignment is due a week tomorrow, so I've got my nose to the grindstone. Once this is in, I've just got my thesis to do. Just, hah!

Highlights of this month include:

- the Cropredy folk festival with thunderstorms and holey tents, but also Rick Wakeman and Fairport Convention. I think I'm still drying out, but it was brilliant.

- Spontaneous visit to Bath to go to the American Museum for last minute research. This is one of my favourite museums, and if I had to name my ideal job, it would be based in this museum, no doubts. While down there we got a cheapy room in a Fawlty Towers-esque hotel (we always manage to sniff out those places) and spent an evening at Thermae Spa, basking in the same thermal waters the Romans did all those years ago. We booked everything on a whim the day before, and it was just the best outing. I would say it helped me find my centre, if I didn't think that sounded like hippy crap.

- Bonding with my brother's girlfriend. She's on maternity leave at the moment and, I think, somewhat in need of adult company. I'm an awkward shy person, and though I've always liked her we never sort of clicked as well as we have recently. It's sort of an odd and unexpected development, but all of a sudden my respect and admiration for her has skyrocketed - I suspect it's because she handles two kids with ease and patience, whereas my ovaries retreat into hiding when I even think about having to change a nappy. I can barely take care of myself. Anyway, it's been brilliant, and I'm looking forward to a Baking Day with her next week. Though I am trying to make it into Bacon Day instead.

I have another busy week this week. As well as the last editing of my essay, creating floor plans etc, I have a catch-up with friends, Scott Pilgrim on Wednesday (VIP seats baby) and on Friday, I'm teaching knitting at the Natural History Museum with Stitch London, details here. This is gonna get it's own post! I am too excited.

Oh and of course, I've been knitting, more or less every spare moment. Preview of (very unfinished) Manu:

If you want any more details of my highly-anticipated appearance at the Stitch A Squid event or just want to badger me, please to be emailing me:

Right, well, today's procrastination complete, see you later!