Thursday, 5 March 2009

Early evening update!

I have been unsurprisingly rubbish at updating. But let me assure you, there's been a whole bundle of knitting going on. Here is the haps:

- The Emily is on hold since I ordered the wrong darn pattern book. The right one should be here shortly, though I think I am now more enticed by Calm (plus it looks like an easier knit).

- The socks are momentarily on hold, as I've decided double pointed needles are the devil's spawn and am waiting for an arrival of circulars (the rather awesome GetKnitted stock the even more awesome KnitPicks Harmony needles, only I guess in Europe they market them as KnitPro Symfonie Needles, probably because it sounds so much gayer and has a fancy-ass spelling.)

- My cardigan is complete, but I have decided that, given it's my first big project, it's crap and I will never wear it, so I am frogging it and transforming it into this, which is altogether more flattering, largely because it's not unisex. I cast on yesterday and am already past the waist ribbing. Go me!

- My next cast on: the amazing o w l s sweater. Above is the Rowan Cocoon I will be using for it, it arrived today. It's an awesome silver-grey colour:

Also, and finally, I treated myself to some Noro Kochoran, which I used for my Calorimetry and, deliciously, I have a bunch left:

(yeah, I don't know how to wind balls)

Oh the possibilities! More boring sweater updates coming soon. Right now have to finish my brother's top-secret birthday present.

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Late night update

I finished the Calorimetry. I am tired