Saturday, 4 September 2010


My brother and his fam recently moved into a new house, and I decided my housewarming gift would be a knitted cushion. One of the first things I ever knitted was a cushion cover, and to this day it still makes the best nap pillow. I had some spare Rowan Cocoon to use up, so scoured Ravelry for some nice chunky patterns. There's some good stuff on there, but none of it was quite what I wanted. So, I made a pattern up. All out of my own head. I knitted a swatch and did the maths to work out how to make it fit a 16"x16" cushion insert, I accounted for the difference in gauge between cabling and moss stitch, and I darn well wrote myself a pattern.

You can find it on Rav here, it's named Smushion because it's smooshy and I have no imagination. It's been pretty well received so far, queued by a few people and given loads of hearts. I am diddly dang proud of myself.