Sunday, 30 May 2010

Ethan's Blanket

This is the Hap Blanket from Ysolda Teague. I started knitting it early in the year for my brother's newest littl'un. They didn't want to know if it was a boy or a girl - I know, I know, it's their choice, but damn they made baby knitting hard. I had to try and pick gender-neutral colours, which all the baby apparel shops have decided are stone, teal and green. I, however, don't see what's so wrong about wrapping babies in grey, so I used Rowan Pure Wool Aran (machine washable for all the inevitable spew and poops) in grey and teal. I love the colours, but once it was done they did seem rather boyish, so I'm glad Ethan came out Ethan and not Imogen.

The lace edging was pretty damn tricky, and finishing (blocking, sewing in ends) was a bitch, but I'm really pleased with how it turned out, and the garter stitch is lovely and smooshy and cosy. Kind of wish I'd kept this one for myself. Can't really deny the comfort of a hand-knitted blanket to a bundle of awesome like this, though:

It's just the most brilliant thing to have someone so special wrapped up in something I put many, many hours into. It is at times like this I love knitting the most.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Owls Cardigan

You probably remember the Owls sweater I knit last year, non-existent blog reader. Well, I decided I want it in cardigan form - to be honest, I have never worn the sweater out of the house. I seem to have a problem wearing my own handknits. I thought it might be because it's just so darn warm, so was wondering if I wouldn't fare better with a cardigan. I gathered up all the Malabrigo Worsted I had, in a lovely semi-solid forest green, and knitted myself the famed Owls, converted into cardigan form with the help of some other Raveler's notes. It turned out, well, bloody fantastic.

I have actually worn this one out, swanning round Bath, so I can safely assume it's a winner. It was mostly all guesswork - I was knitting with worsted rather than the required chunky, so I upped my needle size and used the figures for the next size up. Added an extra 10 stitches for the garter button band, making sure my numbers were right for the Owl cabling, and there you go. I think maybe this one is my favourite.

Sage Remedy - Cure for a craptastic winter

It sure was a long, hard slog of a winter. Terrible, terrible. I thought it was over but the cold weather is creeping back in. It's just 16 degrees in the archive room today, and they haven't turned the heating on in the library. Budget cuts must be hitting hard. Shame we are currently government-less.

Sage Remedy Top

Ah, low quality phone pics. The top you see here is not complete - in fact it is just the front tucked into my bra straps. But, BUT! I still think it shows off how lovely the top is. I knit it in Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in a lovely sort of sea green colour. It's my first time knitting with cotton (well, a cotton mix) and I was impressed. It felt weighty and sturdy, it wasn't splitty, and the finished fabric has a lovely drape. It's got lovely lace sections on the front and the back and is very flattering. Would knit again - possibly in an alpaca mix with longer sleeves for a floaty winter top?