Friday, 31 December 2010

Smushion Pattern

I've recently been blogging over at - there's a lot I like about Tumblr but I don't know if I'm going to make it permanent. 

In the meantime, I've been having issues with my Smushion pattern download on Ravelry, so I'm going to post it here as well. Ravelry is a great site and on the whole very intuitive, but I've been having such issues with uploading patterns!

So, for your knitting pleasure, I present:

Smushion by emmafolds

A cosy cushion cover knit in a soft chunky yarn with a cabled front and moss stitch reverse with button closure.

Approx. 250g Rowan Cocoon (80% merino wool, 20% kid mohair)
7mm circular needle (I used 24”/60cm length) or size needed to obtain correct gauge
Cable needle
16” x 16” cushion pad (I used a feather cushion which can be fuller than polyester)
4 x 1” buttons

14sts and 16 rows = 10cm in st st. Matching exact gauge isn’t crucial but might affect the fit of the cushion cover on your cushion.

Cast on 94 stitches. Join in the round, being careful not to twist stitches. Place marker at beginning of round.

Work first row of chart over 52 stitches. Place second marker. Work next 42 stitches in moss stitch to end of row.

Continue to work chart between two markers to create the front of the cushion cover, working moss stitch for the back.

Work 9 repeats of chart.

Work rows 1 and 2 again. Work row 3 across front of cushion cover, and then cast off 42 stitches in pattern across back. Remove markers.

Work front of cushion cover (52 sts) in moss stitch for 3”. (You will be working back and forth now rather than in the round.) This will create the flap for your button closure.

Next row: work four 4-stitch buttonholes. I like to use Barbara Breiter’s buttonhole; the tutorial can be found here:
Buttonhole (BH) placement will be as follows: work 8 sts in moss stitch, place 4- stitch BH, work 7 sts, place 4-stitch BH, work 6 sts, place 4-stitch BH, work 7 sts, place 4-stitch BH, work 8 sts.

Work in moss stitch for another inch. Cast off in pattern.

Sew lower edges of cover together. I turned the cover inside out and used mattress stitch to seam the two sides together.

Weave in ends and attach buttons.

Stuff with your cushion pad, and there you have it! A smoosh-worthy cushion with removable cover.

My apologies if you've had trouble with the download on Rav, I know it's taken me a little while to fix it. See you soon!


  1. Hello Emma. My I'm Day from it's a brazilian blog for knitting fans. I saw your pillow, and I have a friend asking for it, so I'm asking your permission to write this pattern in Portuguese on my blog. Hope that's ok to you.

    1. Oh gosh, I've only just seen this! Of course it is, I'm happy for you to spread the knitting love :)

  2. Hello Emma, I'm just going to finish my first pillow, which I've made with your pattern Smushion. I would like to give a polish translation of your pattern with a little correction (because I've used different size of wool) - may I put this pattern on my blog (of course with link to your blog and your name as a owner of pattern) ?
    Best and warm regards from snowy and cold Poland :-)

  3. Emma, love the pattern, however I have never followed a chart before for a knitting project. I understand the cable stitch but what are the clear blocks and the blocks with the dots in them suppose to be?

    By any chance, do you have this as a sritten pattern without the chart?

    Thanks in advance.

    1. If you google "knitting chart symbols" there are some helpful sites. As far as I know the blank squares are knits, and the dots are purls :-)