Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Lucky I'm losing my job, in a way...

...because I have so much knitting I want to do.

(Note: My temporary contract came to an end, again, and they sort of need to find out from Mister Cameron-Clegg how much money they'll be getting before they decide if they can, indeed, afford my much-needed expertise. Don't fail me now, Cameron-Clegg!)

- Baby knitting. Since my friends are all baby-hating career women, who knows when they’ll be another littl’un around, so I’d best take advantage of this one. Plus, my brother has more or less convinced me to knit a tiny Link outfit. That’s probably going to happen.

- ‘Sorry I don’t want to see you’ gift for Emily’s grandma. Since I’ve abandoned our annual trip to the Berkeley Show in order to satisfy my own selfish desires, I want to knit a little something for Granny Mary to show I’m grateful for her offer of letting us stay in the cabin again. Plus, I love the lady. Plus, old people appreciate young people who can knit. I’m thinking a floaty shawl or somesuch. Something that will encourage her to put me in her will.

- Geeky things for The Yank. I have a plan, a plan that involves 3D knitting, in order to make something awesome related to the Yank’s work. It will be nerdy and brilliant, but only if I can get my head around creating my own design. My long-abandoned maths skills will have to be employed here. Also, googly eyes.

- I saw a lady on the train this morning wearing a fantastically constructed knitting piece, so I instantly took out my sketchbook and started working out a pattern. No, that’s a lie. I opened up Notes on my phone and tried to describe it so that I would remember what the hell it looks like later. ‘Sideways knitted, seamed at sides, pick up sides for buttonband’. Yes, that will work. For real though, I’d love to move into designing my own knitted garments. It is so much more technical than you’d think. There’s so much maths, and you really have to have one of those brains that can get around engineering things... Seeing something in your mind and being able to unfold it, lay it flat and work out dimensions. We’ll see if I can wangle it.

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