Monday, 16 February 2009

Socks away

So I cast on today for my first proper pair of socks. Already, I am having many issues. I am knitting the Slouch Socks from Love to Knit Socks. I chose this pattern because it's straight stockinette with no ribbing, and the slouchy ruches hide a multitude of sins (in theory). I, very wisely, made a practice sock from a giant ball of spare yarn I inherited from my grandmother. I needed the practice of knitting in the round, and I wanted to try out knitting heels and toes at least once before I launched into the real thing with my shiny new wool. The practice sock came out... okay. It's kind of lumpy, kind of holey, but overall I'm pretty pleased that I managed to create something sock-shaped. However, I am having so much trouble now I've cast on for the real thing. I'm using Rowan Kid Classic and it's so slippery. I planned to work a few rows of 2x2 rib, a slight modification to the pattern, but I am struggling so far. I had to frog my first attempt yesterday. So here's my plan: try knitting while not watching The Prisoner. I don't think I can concentrate on two such complicated things at once. I'm abandoning it for this evening, but will pick it up again tomorrow. I'm thinking bamboo DPNs might help counteract the slipperiness of the yarn. Now if you'll excuse me, I have episode 3 to be getting on with.

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