Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Boy oh boy

I met my first boy knitter yesterday! I was in the yarn section at John Lewis (I'm pretty sure they're getting sick of my face there) and I walked past a guy who works with The Yank. I gave my typical 'I-don't-really-know-you' smile and a 'I-can't-be-arsed-to-talk-to-you' 'Hi' and started heading to the needles, then did a double take. A boy! Buying wool! For himself! So I went and had a chat with him, helped him pick out some wool and tried my hardest not to find it weird that he was a boy knitter. I've never met one before and was starting to question whether they really existed.

To solve my sock issue, I ordered a set of 5 bamboo DPNs, so my project is on hold until they get here. That's probably a good thing, since I tend to rush things and mess them up. I ordered Folk Socks: The History and Techniques of Handknitted Footwear which has a variety of different heel and toe techniques which I'll probably sample, since I have not been having much luck with short rows.

I also ordered Heartfelt: The Dark House Collection (currently seems to be out of stock everywhere, but you can order from the author's website). I've heard good things about Kim Hargreaves and the patterns in this all look great. I particularly want to try my hand at Emily. However, we shall see, because it uses the slippery Kid Classic (we'll see how I go with the bamboo needles), I'm not sure I qualify as an 'average knitter', plus I should probably finish the cardigan my mum spent £25 on the yarn for. Erp!

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